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FAQs – Copper Cat



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  • Why do I get algae on my roof?

    Algae often thrives on asphalt shingles because one of their key ingredients is limestone. The limestone is composed primarily of calcium carbonate, which is what the algae feeds on. Paired with moisture from rain or humidity the perfect living environment for algae is created.

  • Why do I need Copper Cat, when I already have a manufacturer’s warranty against algae staining?

    1. Algae resistance provisions of asphalt roof shingle warranties are very limited in coverage and scope.

    2. Shingle manufacturers provide a limited, pro-rated AR, or Algae Resistant Warranty. It does not provide any warranty protection against lichens, moss, mildew, or other vegetation which could cause premature shingle failure.

    3. Shingle manufacturer’s warranties only cover algae that is botanically described as “Blue-Green” algae or Cyanobacteria Gloeocapsa Magma. No other algae types are covered.

    4.Copper Cat picks up where the manufacturer’s warranty leaves off.

  • How does algae harm my roof?

    1. Algae harms your roof by slowly consuming the limestone in the asphalt shingles, ultimately weakening the shingles.

    2. Algae produces a dark pigment on your roof. As this pigment accumulates on shingles, the roof becomes less reflective and absorbs more sunlight, which is transferred into the house as heat, raising your cooling costs.

    3. Algae is likely only the first step of your problem. It colonizes and leads to fungus and together they form lichens, moss then follows and eventually other vegetation can develop. None of these are covered by your manufacturer’s warranty. At that point it is past time for a new roof.

  • Can’t I just pressure wash my roof and get rid of it quickly?

    The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association and all shingle manufacturers recommend not pressure washing your roof. You may see a manufacturer state, “What NOT to do! Do not power wash.”

    Why? High pressure washing systems are likely to damage asphalt roofing. It may dislodge granules, which can then lead to premature shingle failure. It is also only a temporary solution and discoloration will likely occur again.

  • Will Copper Cat void my manufacturers warranty?

    1. Copper Cat strips are Pure Antimicrobial Grade Copper (range of 95.2-99.99%). Copper, by classification and definition is a “non-corroding metal”, and is resistant to corrosion. Since non-corroding metals, such as copper, are what manufacturers require for metal flashings and metal valleys in their roof systems, Copper Cat will not void your warranty. Verify with your manufacturer.

    2. Your shingles have an Algae Resistant Warranty; they most probably have some copper granules on the surface embedded as part of the manufacturing process in the factory.

  • Will the copper strips keep their shiny appearance?

    No, over time the copper oxidizes and eventually blends with 90% of shingle colors for a neat and clean look. The speed of oxidization will vary based on the amount of moisture and air pollution that the copper is exposed to in its environment.