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Our Complete
Roof Cleaning Solution

  • The double-sided copper strip is 20x stronger than zinc strips
  • The copper oxidizes and eventually blends with 90% of shingle colors for a neat and clean look
  • Uses the natural process of water interacting with copper to release ions that prevent growth of algae, mold, etc. on shingles
  • Works on new or existing roofs made of asphalt, cedar, slate, etc.
  • Helps improve the overall look of a roof by removing black streaks, patchy spots, and other unsightly discolorations
  • 99.96% Pure Antimicrobial Grade Copper
  • UNS# C11000 by EPA Standards (13th out of 218 copper alloys)
  • ASTM Standards for Copper used in Construction is only 92%
  • 16oz 24 Gauge Copper
They will continue to work for hundreds of years and can be reused on each new roof.

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Meet the

Copper Cat

Cleaning Solution

  • Won't harm plants, pets, or people
  • ONLY full-strength cleaner on the market containing proprietary CO-OXiDE TECHNOLOGY™
  • Spray on dry roof and allow to dry, no rinsing necessary
  • Constant and consistent working effects

Cleaning Solution in Action!